Remitted Tuition

Remitted Tuition provides credit hours for eligible employees/retirees and their spouses/same sex domestic partners for undergraduate and graduate study.

Syracuse University Remitted Tuition Benefit (RTB) is effective for the academic year, beginning with the fall semester. Employees and spouses/same-sex domestic partners who do not use all hours available to them during the academic year may be eligible to use up to six (6) credits during the following summer. Credits not used during the academic year or following summer are forfeited. There are no additional benefits available or awarded exclusively for summer. The University reserves the right to refuse or restrict the use of SU remitted tuition for certain workshop courses, noncredit courses, and special programs.


Employees using Remitted Tuition benefits for themselves receive a full tuition waiver. Spouses or same sex domestic partners who receive benefits transferred from an employee will receive a tuition waiver of 85 percent. At the time of registration and must make suitable payment arrangements for the remaining 15 percent, as well as pay all applicable fees.


Non-covered tuition expenses (including fees) are the responsibility of the student and payment is due at the time of registration. These charges cannot be deferred nor are they covered by the benefit.

Courses may not be dropped after the financial drop deadline due to non-receipt of this benefit or changes in coverage after the term begins. Employees who are not approved for non-tax status will not retain RTB credits associated with classes dropped after the financial drop deadline.


Consult Human Resources for detailed information and eligibility requirements related to remitted tuition. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure RTB benefit eligibility with Human Resources prior to registration.