Fostering Citizens, Scholars and Leaders

Michael Frasciello PortraitIn 1946, Dr. Kenneth G. Bartlett, founding dean of the newly chartered University College, shared his philosophy with the inaugural class of part-time students, staff and faculty:

“University College is an idea…that in an age of continuous change, learning must be continuous as well. In an age of rapid change, democratic institutions need the steadying influence of continuous education. That is our purpose….”

University College staff and faculty practice this belief every day through their unwavering commitment to the foundational ideals of Syracuse University—to promote a socially diverse climate; to support an inclusive community; and to promote a culture of awareness, innovation and discovery.

Throughout our history, we have seen UC students graduate and carry these ideals out into the world, leading authentic lives—knowing who they are—their values, their principles and their life goals. We have seen thousands of part-time students move these ideals forward—demonstrating fearlessness, strength and brilliance—shaping their personal and professional relationships through engaged, informed, and civil discourse—and becoming stewards and champions of civility, fairness, diversity, equity and inclusion.

As we reflect on a year of institutional, national and international change, UC is moving boldly forward as the steadying influence Dean Bartlett imagined more than 70 years ago. Like the 1946 inaugural class who would use their education to mend a world devastated by global conflict, this generation of graduates is responding to dramatic cultural changes and rapidly evolving global economic and social conditions.

Today, University College remains committed to the foundational ideals of Syracuse University—preparing engaged citizens, scholars and leaders for participation in a changing society. We are proud to Be Orange!

In your service,

Michael J. Frasciello, Dean