Syracuse University Partners With Interlearn to Offer Innovative and Collaborative Learning Through New International Program “International Year One”

The moon is out, and the city of Beijing is winding down. Meanwhile, Syracuse University student Qichen Chang has cracked open his notebook for an evening of studying. Tonight’s lessons are Probability and Statistics and English for Academic Purposes. Tucked away in his dorm room, Chang scrolls through his computer and immerses himself in notes from a Syracuse University lesson. Taking his first two semesters of Syracuse study at a local learning center in China, Chang has spent this time wisely, participating in a higher education program that is preparing him to progress to a summer semester in the United States at Syracuse University and proceeding then into his sophomore year at Syracuse. It won’t be long until he’s working face to face with his instructors in Syracuse, New York, and part of the community of learning on campus.

The International Year One Program (iY-1) offers international students unprecedented access to U.S. higher education. Syracuse University, in partnership with Interlearn, Inc., has developed a special blended first-year university learning curriculum for students in designated countries. This program provides students with a practical education and a more simplified college application process that is both rigorous and inclusive.

“The iY-1 program allows Syracuse University to take the lead in offering an innovative and transformative international program,” said Stephen Larsen, founder and CEO of Interlearn. “This program provides students extensive preparation for study in the U.S. and access to Syracuse University in a way that is meaningful to them and their families. Our mission is to bring talented students the higher education opportunities that can change their lives and benefit their communities.”

Structured for Success

Across the U.S. an astonishing number of international students face significant challenges in finishing their degrees. This can be for social, personal, cultural, and academic reasons. Students cite a range of challenges, most of them directly related to making the tremendous jump to a new culture and different approach to learning while far away from family support.

Syracuse University iY-1 students tour campus.

For Chang, obtaining a degree at an American university was a powerful personal goal. On social media, Chang saw his friends attending architecture classes at Syracuse University, and while he wanted the “American university experience” too, he wasn’t sure how to get there. Then on Syracuse University’s website he found the International Year One (iY-1) Program, a program that provides U.S. education through transitional stages for international students.

“For me, the iY-1 program is the entrance to higher education in the United States,” Chang said.

Whether it’s an intensive English for Academic Purposes course or a dynamic economics course, each class has acted as a building block to prepare Chang for his time in America. It has allowed him to create his own opportunities and to study subjects he might not have considered, he said.

The structure of iY-1 is not your typical international education program. Before students fly overseas and begin curriculum at Syracuse, students spend the Fall and Spring semesters studying on-site with instructors at their local educational institution and online with Syracuse University faculty.

“The iY-1 Program offers international students a unique entry ramp to begin their higher educational journey,” said Ryan O. Williams, associate dean of the College of Professional Studies. “The combination of academic English preparation with credit-bearing courses, and online learning blended with on-ground instructional support in students’ home countries, empowers students to overcome language and cultural barriers, benefit from a customized support structure, and acclimate to university life in the United States before they arrive.”

“Through iY-1, students are prepared to succeed,” Larsen said. “The program offerings and engagements allow students to get accustomed to the rigors of U.S. academic study while they have support systems around them to help prepare for the enormous leap of leaving home to study halfway around the world in a new culture and with sometimes unfamiliar learning approaches.”

In the Fall semester, students take two credit-bearing undergraduate level courses coordinated with English for Academic Purposes coursework, which provides students with opportunities to engage in activities in English that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning. In the spring semester, the credit-bearing class load increases and students may choose their track of study leading into engineering, the sciences, business, health professions, and a wide variety of other fields. Then, students spend their summer at Syracuse University. With a first year of study completed, students are supported socially and academically through their transition into the University and campus life. By the end of the summer term, students are ready to join the Syracuse University student body as sophomores.  

“In mid-May, we were delighted to welcome our first cohort of iY-1 students to the Syracuse University campus,” Williams said. “For all of us who worked so hard on this project, it was a moment of pure joy to greet the students in person, to introduce them to their new home in Central New York, and to observe how this unique program had transformed the group.”

A Trio of Learning Environments Offers Student Support

It’s not just the academic opportunity that iY-1 provides. For some international students, attending university in the U.S. can be an isolating experience. With iY-1, students enter a program that honors community. Students travel through the program with a cohort and are provided access to continuous program support by advisors and instructors.

“There is the on-the-ground community in country, the synchronous online community, and the asynchronous online community,” said David Patent, online instruction coordinator for International Programs at the College of Professional Studies.

In the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters, Patent designed, taught and managed the English for Academic Purposes courses. The online synchronous component involved one hour-and-a-half-long class each week taught by the Syracuse University instructor, while the in-person component involved nine hours of on-the-ground instruction at an educational institution in China. Additionally, the course provided an asynchronous online instruction component. The combination of these three learning environments enabled students to receive consistent support and cultivate a community both online and in-person.

Jin Chai, Syracuse University iY-1 student

“We spent two semesters in China. The courses included online sessions taught by teachers at Syracuse University and offline courses taught by local teachers,” said Jin Chai, an iY-1 student. “All the classes were taught in English, which laid a good language foundation for our next three years of student life at Syracuse University.”

Just The Beginning: Global Expansion and Advanced Degrees

Although iY-1 is currently only available to students in China, the program plans to extend to teaching centers in a range of countries.

“Interlearn is growing with Syracuse University and our partners worldwide. We are building new teaching centers not only in China but also in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia. Students in these countries represent the diversity and inclusivity that American colleges and universities highly value. We are working with our partners to reduce the overall cost of programs, and to expand degree options to include a range of associates, bachelors, graduate and professional degrees. Interlearn is excited about the opportunity to meet the new challenges and opportunities this expansion will allow, and we are proud to be a part of building for Syracuse University an expanding international presence and an ever-growing global alumni base,” Larsen said.

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The College of Professional Studies is a global, inclusive and future-facing college, providing access to diverse students and learners seeking a Syracuse University degree, credential, certificate or education experience.

About Interlearn, Inc.

Interlearn is a global education company committed to expanding access to quality higher education through transformative teaching and learning.

By Hope Alvarez

7 Ways to Stay Connected with Syracuse University After Graduation

You’ve earned your degree or certificate, but that doesn’t mean Syracuse University has to be in your rearview mirror. There are so many ways to stay connected with your alma mater!

Whether you attended classes online or in-person, your educational experience opens you up to a worldwide network of Syracuse University graduates. Making connections with fellow alums can help broaden your social network and access to career opportunities. Virtual and in-person events on campus and around the country happen year-round, so there are lots of opportunities to get involved, meet up with old friends and meet new ones.

You can also continue your education at Syracuse University with a certificate or advanced degree.

So, don’t say goodbye just yet! Here are seven ways to stay connected with Syracuse University after graduation.

  1. Join an Alumni Club
  2. Attend Orange Central
  3. Take an Online Course
  4. Participate in Regional Events
  5. Join an Alumni Club
  6. Listen to ‘Cuse Conversations
  7. Connect with Alumni Social Networks
    Look for Syracuse University on the social and multimedia networks listed below. For a more comprehensive list of platforms you can use to follow and connect with SU, visit our social media hub.

Syracuse University Offers Online Courses With Community College of the Air Force Under The General Education Mobile Program

Under the General Education Mobile (GEM) Program, Syracuse University’s College of Professional Studies continues its commitment to offer affordable education to military-connected students by providing online courses in partnership with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF).

For over 100 years, Syracuse University has been committed to offering military-connected students affordability, academic success, and a seamless transition to the student experience. Syracuse University continues to honor this commitment by being an approved CCAF GEM university.

The GEM Program, a partnership between CCAF and civilian academic institutions, offers general education courses which fulfill requirements for the CCAF Associate in Applied Science degree.

“We are thrilled to be one of the newest institutions approved under the CCAF GEM program. Accessibility to higher education through online modalities is of critical importance to military-connected students,” says Liz Green, executive director of online student success. “Our online courses approved through GEM will help support Airmen in continuing towards their educational goals.”

Syracuse University GEM Program courses are offered at a reduced rate of $250 per credit. With rolling admission offering 6 starts a year, approved courses utilize the College of Professional Studies’ 8-week online course format, which offers the ability to fit more classes into a traditional semester.

Part-time, online students enrolling in courses will receive dedicated online academic services and support provided by the College of Professional Studies. With a centralized support team, students will receive assistance for topics regarding advising, bursar/registration and financial aid.

“Making a Syracuse University education more accessible to members of the military starts with meeting them where they are in their professional lives,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “The CCAF GEM program puts our online general education courses in front of Air Force members stationed anywhere in the world, giving them unencumbered access to exceptional foundational courses they’ll use toward their CCAF degrees and beyond.”

To learn more about courses and enrollment, visit

About the College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies is a global, inclusive and future-facing college, providing access to diverse students and learners seeking a Syracuse University degree, credential, certificate or education experience.

Syracuse University Announces New Online Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Policy Studies

Starting in Fall 2022, prospective students will have the opportunity to pursue a policy studies bachelor’s degree online through a partnership between the College of Professional Studies and the Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs, the #1 school in the nation for public affairs (U.S. News & World Report).

“The online policy studies program extends the excellence of the Maxwell school to students who otherwise cannot attend Syracuse University on-campus or full-time,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “The inter-curricular program is another wonderful expression of Maxwell’s commitment to make Syracuse University more accessible and truly a university welcoming to all.”

Policy studies students will examine the policy making process and be introduced to the historical, social, economic and political factors shaping issues at local, state, national and global levels. Students will also learn to measure the resulting impact of policies and how they affect individuals and communities. an in-depth research project involving a government agency or community organization, graduates of the program will have a rich portfolio that showcases their learning.

“Policy Studies has been a popular, signature undergraduate program in the Maxwell School for 45 years,” says Carol Faulkner, associate dean of academic affairs at the Maxwell School. “We are excited that this partnership with the College of Professional Studies will allow us to reach new audiences of students who want to make an impact in their communities.”

The B.P.S. in policy studies program will be an online, immersive experience that provides opportunities for real-world learning through a blend of asynchronous coursework, remote experiential activities and synchronous classes. Much of the coursework is designed to be completed outside of the weekly class meetings. The weekly 90-minute classes provide students with the time and space to engage in active discussions, receive immediate feedback, and make connections with fellow classmates and instructors.

The structure of a B.P.S. degree allows online part-time learners with busy schedules to focus on professional competency and practical skills. With a B.P.S. in policy studies, graduates will be highly competitive in the job market and when seeking admission to a wide variety of graduate programs.

“A B.P.S. degree is focused on professional skills and career preparation,” says Ryan O. Williams, associate dean of the College of Professional Studies. “The combination of coursework and seminars designed to enhance career readiness distinguishes a B.P.S. from other bachelor’s degrees. We are delighted to be able to offer a policy-focused degree in partnership with the Maxwell School.”

To learn more about Bachelor of Professional Studies in Policy Studies, visit

About the College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies is a global, inclusive and future-facing college, providing access to diverse students and learners seeking a Syracuse University degree, credential, certificate or education experience.

About the Maxwell School

The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University is the nation’s top-ranked school for public affairs, having earned the #1 spot in the U.S. News ranking in every survey year except one. The school offers highly regarded professional programs in public administration and international affairs as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees across the social sciences, and signature interdisciplinary undergraduate programs in policy, civic engagement, environmental sustainability and international relations. It is home to 13 interdisciplinary research centers focused on topical areas within public affairs. With campuses in Syracuse, New York, and Washington, D.C., and academic partnerships around the globe, the Maxwell network provides access to a world of opportunity. For more information, please visit

College of Professional Studies Launches First Master of Professional Studies Degree in Project Management with Tuition Discount for First Cohort

Syracuse University’s College of Professional Studies announces its first graduate degree program, a Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in project management, launching in Spring 2023. The 30-credit degree will be offered fully online, and an exclusive tuition discount will be applied to the initial cohort through the Start Now incentive grant.   

The Start Now incentive grant will be awarded to students admitted into the Spring 2023 cohort. They will receive a discounted rate of $1000/credit, which is 44% less than the graduate tuition rate ($1802/credit hour). The discount will be applied for the first 30 credits of study, allowing students to earn the degree for a total of $30,000.

Consistent with Syracuse University’s commitment to being the number one school for military-connected students, all active duty, guard, reserve and veterans, including spouses and dependents, admitted to the M.P.S. degree program pay $1000 per credit hour, regardless of when they start the program.

All non-military connected students admitted after Spring 2023 pay $1350 per credit hour, which is 25% less than the graduate tuition rate.

“Project management is an increasingly high-demand career choice for members of the military,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “The new online master’s program is ideally suited for active and prior military members, as these students come into the program with an ability to think strategically to solve complex challenges. The curriculum is designed to leverage that ability, so each student further develops expertise across a wide range of project management skills.”

The field of project management is vast, and individuals with advanced degrees have opportunities to work in many industries. Regardless of the industry in which they operate, effective project managers lead projects from conception through implementation, creating value and driving change. Project managers are invaluable in all types of organizations, large and small, making this degree highly relevant and sought after in today’s workforce.

“Project management is the art and science of getting stuff done using a proven set of tools, approaches and controls. Studies continue to show that project managers get tasks done more efficiently, and in today’s world, that translates into lower cost and better results,” says Arthur Thomas, executive director of professional acceleration and microcredentials and program director for the Master of Professional Studies in project management. “The Project Management Institute has reported in its recent 2022 jobs report that we can anticipate growth of about 2.3 million annual job opportunities in project management through 2030. Now is the time to be a project manager.” 

The project management M.P.S. curriculum will equip students with the knowledge and skills to create project plans, manage schedules and budgets, identify and manage potential risks and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels within an organization.

The dynamic learning environment of the online project management master’s degree program combines both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Much of the coursework is designed to be completed outside of class meeting times in combination with a required weekly live session that gives students the opportunity to engage in real time discussions with classmates and instructors, ask questions and receive immediate feedback, and gain a stronger understanding of course topics.

Students who take one course every eight-week session can complete the program within 18 months.

To be eligible for the Start Now incentive grant, prospective students must apply by Monday, August 8.

To learn more about admission requirements and program details, visit

About the College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies is a global, inclusive and future-facing college, providing access to diverse students and learners seeking a Syracuse University degree, credential, certificate or education experience.