Tuition and Fees

Summer 2023 through Spring 2024

Undergraduate College of Professional Studies Part-Time Tuition Costs

Undergraduate Tuition
Student TypeTuition
Part-time College of Professional Studies Undergraduate Students$722 per credit

Full breakdown of Undergraduate Part-Time Tuition Costs & Fees

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Graduate Tuition Costs

Graduate Tuition
Student TypeTuition
Graduate Students
$1,872 per credit
MFT or Social Work Students: $1,139 per credit

Full breakdown of Graduate Tuition Costs & Fees

Payment Options & Awards

All College of Professional Studies students must make satisfactory payment arrangements at the time of registration. You are not required to pay the entire balance when you register, although payment in full is an option. Depending on your payment option, fees associated with your registration may require immediate payment to confirm registration.

Our registration process will indicate Payment Awards specific to you at the time of registration. You must apply any applicable award. You will then be required to choose a Payment Option if the Payment Award does not cover the entire balance. Any registration without a complete payment arrangement will result in cancellation of your entire class schedule.

To determine which Payment Award and/or Payment Option is best for you, please review the Payment Options & Awards prior to registration.

Payment Options & Awards