A Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) pilot program, created through a partnership between University College and the School of Education, was launched in the fall 2019 semester. The PLA program evaluates students’ knowledge gained through professional experience to determine if they qualify for college credits. University College academic advisor Jason Scharf and School of Education instructor Jason Curry joined forces to teach the 8-week course which is offered completely online with one live session each week. Through reflection and guidance, the students create a portfolio that can be used to request certain college credits that may apply toward their program of study, explains  Scharf.

Scharf said the portfolio equips students with tangible, well-documented evidence of their past accomplishments which can be used for future educational and professional pursuits. The course will be taught again in the fall 2020 semester. For more information, students can contact University College by calling 315.443.3261 or emailing parttime@syr.edu.