Student researcher. Believer in second chances. Mother of four. Chevon dropped out of high school as a sophomore and found most career pathways closed to her. Then she made the life-changing decision to enroll at Syracuse University as a part-time student. She’s now pursuing a dual degree in social work and psychology with a 3.9 GPA. Her ultimate goal? To be an advocate for incarcerated citizens and a role model for her children.

“My kids are my world,” she says, “and my hope is that one day all of them will go to college. I think I’m setting a good example for them. Whenever they see the Syracuse ‘S’ they say, ‘That’s mommy’s school!’” she says. That pride goes both ways. “To me, being Orange means every slice of the orange is different, but somehow we are all able to come together and be part of something bigger. It means taking people from all walks of life, with diverse perspectives and goals, and squeezing them into one giant community where everyone is welcomed and accepted.”

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