As a way to engage the Orange Community during the COVID-19 pandemic, University College (UC), in partnership with the Office of Alumni Engagement, has announced a new program for alumni, parents and friends of Syracuse University.

Without having to leave the comfort and safety of home, friends of Syracuse University can take a variety of noncredit courses at an affordable rate through Alumni College. The online courses will be taught by current Syracuse University faculty and instructors.

Each four-week course has a weekly evening live session with asynchronous content between sessions. Asynchronous learning applies to various forms of digital and online learning in which students receive additional instruction outside the scheduled classtime. There are over 20 different topics to choose from, including health care, forensic science, short story writing and personal documentary filmmaking. Attendees can strengthen their skills, learn a new craft and increase their knowledge base.

“Our alumni and friends of SU are Forever Orange,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of University College. “Alumni College is another way for our community to stay engaged and remain connected to our magnificent university. This initial catalog of courses will expand as our alumni seek broader opportunities to continue transforming lives with a Syracuse University education.”

“Alumni College offers wonderful options for our graduates to maintain a connection to Syracuse University while continuing their quest for new knowledge,” adds Matt Ter Molen, chief advancement officer and senior vice president. “We’re thrilled to be launching this program and believe it stands as a clear example of how we’re adapting both the student and alumni experience to meet the needs of a changing world.”

For more information about Alumni College, email