A Message from the Dean: Confidence and Authenticity

Michael Frasciello PortraitStudents who attend college part-time while managing jobs, family and life have been described as non-traditional, post-traditional, adult learners, life-long learners and returners. Within University College, we often describe our students as determined, focused, resolved, dedicated, future-oriented, thoughtful, brilliant, versatile and strong.

The problem with these descriptions is they leave out the confidence and authenticity behind the individual characteristics. They fail to capture the breadth and depth of the students—you—who are transforming your lives with a Syracuse University education. (more)

The most amazing and inspirational people I’ve met in my life exude confidence and authenticity. Our students are those people. When I talk to our students, I hear their challenges and successes, their goals and aspirations. I hear our students’ confidence in how they describe their comfort with their weaknesses rather than their strengths. I see our students’ authenticity when they explain how they can ask for help while recognizing they don’t have all the answers. Our student’s stories are expressions of belief and strength.

During this year of unprecedented challenges and change, University College students—you—are writing better descriptions. In the face of volatility, you are demonstrating the strength to direct your own future and the courage to engage with the world around you. Amidst uncertainty and ambiguity, you continue to question everything, to push through challenges and to express a tireless determination to succeed. In this year of disruption and discord, you are showing us that motivation and self-discipline are more than words on a poster, and that the most rewarding personal transformations occur when a relentless pursuit of knowledge is unhindered by setbacks and failures.

As you help us better describe what it means to be a part-time student at Syracuse University, know the one thing that will never change is University College’s unwavering belief in you—the confident and authentic you.

In your service,

Michael J. Frasciello, Ph.D., Dean