Syracuse University has extended its military tuition support to on campus programs for active duty, reserve and guard members. The university’s previous support included online undergraduate programs.

Under the new support program, active duty military admitted to Syracuse University through the College of Professional Studies will pay the Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (TA) rate for tuition. New York State Army Guard, Air National Guard, and Naval Militia using the state’s Recruitment Incentive and Retention Program (RIRP) to attend college will pay no more than the SUNY tuition rate.

“Extending the tuition assistance support program to our on campus undergraduate degrees effectively opens the university to active military, guard and reserve members who live within commuting distance of the campus,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “In addition to our online undergraduate programs, members of our military now have access to more than 200 Syracuse University on campus undergraduate majors at their tuition assistance rates.”

The expanded tuition program is consistent with Syracuse University’s commitment to open opportunity and enhance affordability for members of the military who aspire to earn a Syracuse University undergraduate degree.

Active duty military, guard and reservists are life-long learners – members of the largest population of students enrolled in higher education today. Making Syracuse University more affordable and accessible is both a natural continuation of the University’s history of supporting non-traditional students and also an appropriate response to the changing needs and expectations of those who could most benefit from a Syracuse University education.

In addition to honoring the TA and RIRP rates, the extended program is also designed to permit military students to persist in their studies after they expend their annual tuition benefit. When a military student’s annual tuition benefit is reached, the university will honor the member’s tuition support rate until the next benefit cycle. This means active duty and reserve students pay no more than $250 per credit (or the current DoD TA rate) after they expend their annual TA allotment. New York State Air National Guard and Naval Militia students pay no more than $278 per credit (or the current SUNY per credit rate) after they expend their annual RIRP allotment.

“We have seen too many military students interrupt and delay their studies each year when they expend their annual tuition benefits,” says Frasciello. “We extend the student’s tuition benefit rate every semester to ensure their persistence from their first course to graduation.”

Syracuse University ranks among the nation’s top schools for veterans, with an enduring and unrivaled commitment to veterans and military students dating back more than 100 years. Expanding the TA and RIRP benefit to all on-campus programs extends this commitment consistent with the University’s mission to provide access to a world-class education for those who cannot study on campus full-time.  

The flexibility of attending Syracuse University part-time on campus while serving also permits military students to complete many of their courses online if they are unable to attend specific courses on campus. Military members living within commuting distance of the campus, such as airmen serving at the 174th TFW in Syracuse, New York, and soldiers stationed at Fort Drum in Watertown are encouraged to explore their options to complete their undergraduate degrees at a world-class private and nationally ranked research university.

Consistent with its mission to be an accessible university, Syracuse University accepts up to 90 applicable transfer credits toward completion of a 120-credit undergraduate degree. The university also has a progressive military credit-equivalency program. On average, military students receive 18-30 credits for their technical training and professional military education, and through prior learning assessment for non-military related experience.

Active military, guard and reserve members interested in more information about enrollment opportunities at Syracuse University may contact the College of Professional Studies admissions team at 315.443.9378 or Veterans and military-connected students can learn more about tuition benefits at