You’ve earned your degree or certificate, but that doesn’t mean Syracuse University has to be in your rearview mirror. There are so many ways to stay connected with your alma mater!

Whether you attended classes online or in-person, your educational experience opens you up to a worldwide network of Syracuse University graduates. Making connections with fellow alums can help broaden your social network and access to career opportunities. Virtual and in-person events on campus and around the country happen year-round, so there are lots of opportunities to get involved, meet up with old friends and meet new ones.

You can also continue your education at Syracuse University with a certificate or advanced degree.

So, don’t say goodbye just yet! Here are seven ways to stay connected with Syracuse University after graduation.

  1. Join an Alumni Club
  2. Attend Orange Central
  3. Take an Online Course
  4. Participate in Regional Events
  5. Join an Alumni Club
  6. Listen to ‘Cuse Conversations
  7. Connect with Alumni Social Networks
    Look for Syracuse University on the social and multimedia networks listed below. For a more comprehensive list of platforms you can use to follow and connect with SU, visit our social media hub.