Staff Spotlight: Rosemary Kelly, Student Administrative Services Office

The College of Professional Studies’ mission is to deliver exceptional support and services to a diverse part-time student population seeking a Syracuse University education. The Student Administrative Services Office stays true to this mission by assisting students from the time of inquiry to graduation. 

“We are a one-stop shop that includes admissions, academic advising, financial aid, bursar, and registration offices dedicated to our student populations,” says Rosemary Kelly, assistant dean. 

In this Q & A, get to know Rosemary and her role in the Student Administrative Services Office.

  1. What is your position at the College of Professional Studies?

I am the assistant dean of the Student Administrative Services (SAS) office.

  1. How long have you worked at the College of Professional Studies?

I have worked in higher education for over 40 years, 35 at the College of Professional Studies. I’ve held positions as an academic advisor, assistant director, director, program administrator, and now as an assistant dean. Across my career, the constant has been the students. What I have witnessed and what makes the job exciting and energizing is understanding changing student expectations and the supportive services, tools and resources required for students’ success.

  1. In one sentence, how would you describe your role and/or department?

To provide access, opportunity, and support that creates a positive student experience for individuals seeking a Syracuse University degree part-time.

  1. What aspects of your profession bring you joy?

First and foremost, the students, but also their families, my colleagues, and the critical thinking that is required by a student services department. Students have individual circumstances that sometimes require creativity on our part to provide the support and resources they need to succeed. I have the good fortune to follow students from the beginning to the end of their Syracuse University academic journey. I value my campus, community and professional association colleagues for their collective wisdom, guidance and collaboration.

  1. What is your proudest moment at the College of Professional Studies?

Celebrating the successes of our students. Some successes include registering for that first class, finishing a difficult semester, and, of course, celebrating their graduation. We are witnesses to the ripple effects their successes have on their families, friends and the community in which they live. An advantage of being here for so long? We see graduates’ children as students!

  1. How does your department support students during their time here?

The SAS offices work with students from the time of inquiry to graduation. We are their first point of contact and remain their contact through their educational career here at Syracuse University. We assist students with navigating the University and its processes; advising in person, online, email, or phone; connecting students to relevant opportunities and resources, and liaison with campus departments.

  1. Our goal as a college is to provide high-quality service to our students. How does your department go above and beyond to support Syracuse University students?

We are a one-stop shop that includes admissions, academic advising, financial aid, bursar, and registration offices dedicated to our student populations. The offices operate as a team that strives to regard students as individuals, meet them where they are, offer options to meet their goals, and support them throughout their educational journey.

  1. If students would like to get connected with your department, how can they do so?

Phone: 315.443.3261


Address: 700 University Ave Suite 126 | Syracuse, NY 13244

Virtual appointments: Available through Zoom or phone during academic year hours. Contact us by phone, email, or Orange SUccess to schedule an appointment.