Readmission to the College of Professional Studies

If you were admitted to an undergraduate degree program and plan to re-enroll at Syracuse University, you must apply for readmission.

Approval of your readmission may be affected by any of the following conditions:

  • Your school/college and program must have available space to accommodate your inclusion.
  • You may need to satisfy new requirements in your academic program or even change your major, depending upon curricular changes that may have occurred during your absence.  Your school/college and/or department will determine the available options.
  • You must meet all outstanding Syracuse University financial obligations.
  • If your leave/withdrawal was conditional, you must resolve the appropriate issues and obtain readmission approval from the academic unit or office that authorized or required your leave/withdrawal.

If you left the University without requesting an official Leave of Absence, you must follow formal readmission procedures as set by your school/college.

After you’re readmitted, you may register for the upcoming semester during the regular registration period, during the schedule adjustment period prior to the start of the semester, or on the registration day for new students at the beginning of the new semester.

Contact Academic Advising for more information.