Bachelor of Professional Studies

Syracuse University offers part-time Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) degree programs that prepare graduates for career advancement.

What is a Bachelor of Professional Studies?

All of our BPS degree programs provide you with the specific skills and credentials employers seek when they hire and promote employees. Graduates are equipped with the competencies needed to keep pace with today’s global networks and technologies.

Curriculum within Syracuse University’s Bachelor of Professional Studies programs adhere to the university’s existing standards for rigor and excellence. 

What’s the difference between a BPS, a BA or a BS degree?

  • While all are four-year bachelor’s degrees, the difference between the three types comes down to what type of skills outcomes or curriculum you’re interested in.
  • A BA is the most heavily focused on liberal arts of the three degrees – 75% of the credits you earn towards your degree are general or liberal art-based credits, and the remaining 25% are career-specific credits.
  • A BS is evenly split, with 50% of credits towards general art-based credits and 50% towards career-specific credits.
  • A BPS is opposite of a BA in that 75% of the credits you earn are career-specific and only 25% are general liberal art-based credits.
  • BPS degrees are differentiated in that they include a required 30 credit hour general education core, 30 required credits of a professional competencies core, and 30-60 credits of a major with electives. The 90 credits that make up the combination of professional competencies and major requirements and electives is what differentiates the BPS from the BA and BS — the intentional coupling of career-focused majors with professional competency and skills courses.

Bachelor of Professional Studies Programs are ideal for:

  • Working professionals looking advance their career or update their skills
  • Individuals who want to start or finish a degree
  • Active duty service members or veterans