Technical Requirements

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You should discuss special technology requirements with your course instructor or the Online Help Desk prior to enrolling in an online course. At a minimum, you will need the following to participate in most online courses at Syracuse University:

  1. PC or Macintosh computer with 16 BG of RAM (32 GB of RAM recommended)
  2. Minimum of 256 GB of available disk space
  3. Sound card with speakers or headphones
  4. Webcam: Either internal or external
  5. Microphone or telephone headset with microphone: Any type compatible with the phone you will be using
  6. Microsoft Office or OpenOffice
  7. Internet Access – broadband (Cable, DSL, or FIOS)
  8. A supported web browser. For complete list, visit SU Answers
  9. Plugins – Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Flash PlayerJava