The 15-credit Cannabis Studies online credit certificate provides a foundation of knowledge across the cannabis industry including governing laws, plant science and extracts, medicinal properties, plant cultivation and harvesting, as well as business and employment opportunities. 

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the differences between marijuana and hemp products.
  2. Define the legal and regulatory systems governing the cannabis industry.
  3. Analyze the science behind and health benefits / risks in the use of cannabis derived products.
  4. Explain the key components of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, processing and distribution.
  5. Assess the various components of starting and maintaining a cannabis related business.

Courses (choose 5 of the 6 below courses)

  • CAN 301 – Cannabis Business Operations  
  • CAN 310 – Cannabis Startups  
  • CAN 315 – Cannabis Law, Policy and Social Justice  
  • CAN 320 – Cannabis Science and Health  
  • CAN 325 – Cannabis Cultivation  
  • CAN 330 – Cannabis Manufacturing, Processing & Distribution

Requirement for admission:

  • Prior higher education experience required.