Advance in Your Career in Healthcare Administration 

The 15-credit Healthcare Administration certificate provides foundational knowledge of the health care field combined with business, finance, electronic records management and emergency management. This diverse course blending, balanced with health and management cores, prepares graduates for career placement or advancement in the healthcare field. 

The five online courses required for this certificate are offered in 8-week sessions with a required 90-minute weekly synchronous online component. The weekly synchronous meeting allows you to interact with faculty and fellow students in real-time.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Apply leadership and management concepts and theory to effectively devise and facilitate sustainable organizational processes, operations and strategies. 
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and competence in applying financial management models to health care organizations. 
  • Apply health care law, ethics, and the protection of electronic records to policy and procedure development. 

Certificate Curriculum (15 credits)

  • HCA 210 The Business of Healthcare 
  • HCA 310 Electronic Healthcare Systems 
  • HCA 320 Crisis (Emergency) Management 
  • HCA 355 Financial Reimbursement in Healthcare 
  • BPS 472 Organizational Leadership 

Requirement for admission –  Prior higher education experience required.