Effectively Manage the Technology and Data That Is Prevalent in Today’s Industries

In the 15-credit Knowledge Management certificate program, you will examine the cross section between data science, computer science and people. It encompasses the process of applying a systematic approach to the capture, structuring, management and dissemination of knowledge throughout an organization. Knowledge resources exist in the people, processes, and technology of organizations and are often lost as individuals depart. 

Capturing these resources into a formal and reusable construct allows organizations to focus on growth and innovation through sharing and applying knowledge, remembering and documenting lessons learned, and creating an organizational memory. 

The five online courses required for this certificate are offered in 8-week sessions with a required 90-minute weekly synchronous online component. The weekly synchronous meeting allows you to interact with faculty and fellow students in real-time.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the role of technology, and its use as a resource tool in organizations, society, social media, data mining and data security.
  • Apply knowledge gained in the program to make sense of the amount of data available, systematically problem-solve, and be able to propose creative and design-thinking solutions.
  • Develop tasks and work processes for desired organizational outcomes, the ability to work face-to-face or virtually, and critically and ethically analyze big data.

Certificate Curriculum (15 credits)

  • KNM 301 – Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • KNM 401 – Professional Issues in Knowledge Management
  • KNM 310 – Knowledge Capture and Codification
  • KNM 402 – Strategy and Planning
  • KNM 403 – Process Continuity and Future Planning

Requirement for admission – Prior higher education experience required.