Learn to Build Mobile Applications for iOS or Android

Mobile application development is a rapidly growing field. Technologies such as mobile gaming, machine learning, biometrics and more rely on mobile application developers. This 18-credit certificate will prepare you to develop an application for Android or iOS operating systems.

Students will go through the development process and build their own applications from the ground up. There will also be an opportunity to use the Android Software Development Kit or Apple’s XCode for creating mobile applications that can be brought to the mobile marketplace. Programming experience in object-oriented programming languages like C, Java, or C# is not required but can be beneficial.

The six online courses required for this certificate are offered in 8-week sessions with a required 90-minute weekly synchronous online component. The weekly synchronous meeting allows you to interact with faculty and fellow students in real time.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Design a system, component or process to meet desired outcomes within realistic constraints.
  • Exhibit the ability to identify, formulate and solve problems.
  • Develop applications using the official iPhone and Android development environments.

Certificate Curriculum (18 credits)

  • SCP 220 Basic Principles of Computer Programming
  • SCP 315 Introduction to Mobile Applications
  • SCP 350 Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • SCP 355 Introduction to Javascript/jQuery

Choose one of the following tracks:

Programming for iOS

  • SCP 444 Programming for iOS
  • SCP 483 C# (C-Sharp) and Windows Programming

Programming for Android

  • SCP 450 Programming for Android
  • SCP 451 Programming in Java

The Mobile Application Development certificate will begin Spring 2022.

Requirement for admission –  Prior higher education experience required.