Online Benefits

Built to Be Online

Our online undergraduate programs were designed to be online to serve a geographically-diverse population and those who may be juggling multiple commitments in life.

Our online programs offer a dynamic learning environment that are built with a blend of both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Much of the coursework is designed to be completed on your own time (asynchronously), in combination with a required weekly meeting time (synchronous). 

Benefits of Live Online Classes

  • Provides the time and space to engage in active discussions, receive immediate feedback, and participate in personal interactions with your classmates and instructors.
  • The intimate classroom environment allows you to form connections with your classmates and instructors.
  • The hybrid format can be especially helpful if you’re just beginning the transition from a traditional classroom to an online setting.
  • And with our programs, only part of the learning happens in a synchronous environment. A significant amount of the course content will be available on-demand to access when convenient. 


  • While there are many benefits to synchronous learning, it does require a set date and time for regular instruction. 
  • We typically schedule the synchronous sessions during the evenings (Eastern Standard Time). While required, and a critical component of the course, our instructors recognize the multiple priorities you are balancing.
  • Should a synchronous session need to be missed, we encourage you to communicate promptly and effectively with your instructor to request a plan to stay on track.
  • Online Student Success Advisors are an important resource to help students navigate the requirements and expectations of their program and coursework.

Online Student Support

When you enroll in an online undergraduate offering at Syracuse University – you are automatically connected to our Online Student Success team who will help you progress through your program every step of the way!

How we will support you:

  • Connection to a diversity of strategies to help you feel comfortable in the online environment
  • Overview information on how to use our online learning management system, where all of your course information is stored
  • Identifying your program requirements & options
  • Assistance with course selection and registration
  • Monitoring of your academic progress
  • Prompt response and/or appropriate referral for any of your questions