The process of selecting the best college for you doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Now that you’ve gathered the informative brochures, it’s time to reduce your options. A conversation with a college recruiter can both simplify and expedite that process.

Speaking with college recruiters gives you the chance to discover more about the specifics of what the college has to offer, such as financial aid options, student resources, and part-time versus full-time learning opportunities.

If you’ve already selected the college you want to apply to, speaking with a college recruiter can also assist you in answering any questions you might have regarding the application process.

At the College of Professional Studies at Syracuse University, you can ask a college recruiter questions online, by phone, or in-person by appointment.

Not sure what to ask? The College of Professional Studies Admissions and Recruitment Office selected five questions to ask a college recruiter.

  1. What are the requirements for admission?

While the admission requirements for all colleges and universities differ, it is typical to provide all official transcripts from your educational journey and military experience, if applicable. Request an application checklist from your college recruiter or create your own to secure all of the information you need.

The application requirements for the College of Professional Studies can be found here.

  1. How long is the admission process?

The start date differs from program to program at each college and university. While some colleges may offer rolling admission and accept applications year-round, other colleges have strict deadline applications at the start of the fall, spring or summer semester. If you’re interested in applying to a program, it’s best to begin the research right away by connecting with a college recruiter.

  1. Are letters of recommendation valued?

Letters of recommendation are valuable and add strength to your college application. By providing a letter of recommendation, you’re allowing the admissions counselors to see your application from another viewpoint. Ask your college recruiter how many letters of recommendation you should provide, and start requesting these letters from your mentors, employers, or previous educators.

  1. How does the staff and faculty support students?

While it’s important to learn about the application process, don’t forget to ask college recruiters about student support resources. Utilizing the collection of resources available to you can improve your college experience in a myriad of ways. Resources may look different for students who are full-time versus students who are part-time. Additional resources may be available for online only students or military-connected students.

  1. What differentiates the College of Professional Studies online programs from other online programs?

The College of Professional Studies is the home for part-time Syracuse University students. Whether you’re attending part-time, pursuing a microcredentials program, or experiencing Syracuse University as an international student or high school student, it is our mission to deliver exceptional support and services to a diverse part-time student population seeking a Syracuse University education. For the past century, we have helped thousands of post-traditional students earn a Syracuse University degree and look forward to the next 100 years of providing access, opportunity, and support to generations of students who study part-time.

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