The 18-credit Cannabis Studies online minor provides a foundation of knowledge across the cannabis industry including governing laws, plant science & extracts, medicinal properties, plant cultivation & harvesting, as well as business and employment opportunities. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify differences between marijuana and hemp products.
  2. Define the legal and regulatory systems governing the cannabis industry.
  3. Analyze the science behind and health benefits / risks in the use of cannabis derived products.
  4. Explain the key components of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, processing, and distribution.
  5. Assess the various components of starting and maintaining a cannabis related business.


  • CAN 301 – Cannabis Business Operations  
  • CAN 310 – Cannabis Start-ups  
  • CAN 315 – Cannabis Law, Policy, and Social Justice  
  • CAN 320 – Cannabis Science and Health  
  • CAN 325 – Cannabis Cultivation  
  • CAN 330 – Cannabis Manufacturing, Processing & Distribution

Admission Requirements

  • Must enter program no later than first semester of junior year.
  • The minor is open to Syracuse University undergraduate students in good standing with the approval of their home college.  

If you have additional questions about a specific minor, please speak with your academic advisor or email