Course Permissions

Permissions are used to allow students to register for a course from which they have been blocked because either the course is closed or there are specific restrictions on the course. Some or all of the spaces in a course may be restricted to students in certain years of studies, courses, colleges, campuses, majors, minors, or programs.

Other courses always require special permission for enrollment. Consult the Time Schedule of Classes . Restrictions and requirements are indicated in the Comments/Notes field of the class listing.

Permission is always required for students in the following circumstances: graduates who wish to register for undergraduate level courses, undergraduates who wish to register for graduate level courses, or part-time undergraduates who wish to take more than 11 credits in one semester.

Circumstances Requiring Permission

Closed Courses

Students seeking permission to enroll in a closed Uxxx section must e-mail the instructor indicating name and SU ID. If the request for permission is granted, the instructor will authorize the College of Professional Studies program director to enter permission on MySlice. The student will then be notified to register for the class.

Audit and Pass/Fail Grading Options

An Elect/Rescind Grading Option Application is required if you want to take a credit course for Audit or Pass/Fail. You cannot audit courses which require a Proposal for Independent Study, for experience credit or studio art courses. Certain courses cannot be graded pass/fail and graduate students cannot take courses for pass/fail. You must obtain the appropriate signature on the Elect/Rescind Grading Option Application. Submit the form to the College of Professional Studies Bursar and Registration Operations by the Elect/Rescind Grading Option deadline of the semester in which you are enrolling.

Students may also change enrollment in a course from an audit/pass-fail to a letter grade basis through the Elect/Rescind Grading Option deadline for the course. You must submit an Elect/Rescind Grading Option Application form with the appropriate signature, by the Elect/Rescind Grading Option deadline, rescinding the audit or pass/fail option. There is no exception to this deadline. Petitions to extend this deadline will not be accepted.

Career Override (Level Waiver)

A petition for undergraduates to register for graduate courses and graduates to register for undergraduate courses (except PED and DTS courses) is required. Registration for courses outside your career level will be processed by the College of Professional Studies Bursar/Registration Office. Payment arrangements must be made at the time of registration. For additional information, call 315.443.4135.

Maximum Credits

College of Professional Studies undergraduate students, both matriculated and nonmatriculated, are limited to a maximum of 11 credits per semester. If necessary, students may petition through their Advisor to take more than the maximum credits. Approval is based on academic consideration, and the student will be notified of the decision.

Independent Study Proposal

All students registering for individualized independent study or experience credit must make arrangements with a faculty sponsor prior to registration. The Proposal for Independent Study course form must be signed by the faculty sponsor, the department chairperson in which the student is taking the course, the student’s advisor and the dean of the student’s primary college. The completed ISP must accompany registration. Graduate students do not need the dean’s signature.

Note: Certain courses may have associated fees.

Applied Music Registration

Contact the Setnor School of Music , 215 Crouse College, 315.443.5892, to obtain course and instructor assignment before registering. University College students must bring the Applied Music Registration Form to University College for registration. Payment arrangements must be made at the time of registration and must include all Applied Music fees.

College of Professional Studies Class sections

Uxxx section classes give priority to College of Professional Studies student scheduling needs. A limited number of spaces are available to main campus students.

Once those open spaces are filled no further registration by main campus students can occur. Main campus students who need a particular College of Professional Studies section are advised to register as early as possible.

Any unused restricted seats may become available to main campus students on the first day of classes.

For Uxxx sections requiring department or instructor consent all students must seek permission directly from the instructor or department via e-mail indicating name and SUID. If the request for permission is granted, the instructor or department will authorize the UC program director to enter permission on MySlice . The student will then be notified to register for the class.

For Mxxx section class permissions, see the Time Schedule of Classes , or contact the department offering the class.