Think you can’t afford Syracuse University? Think again!

It’s a fact that the more education you have, the higher your income is likely to be. But you still don’t want to break the bank getting a degree. Never assume that a Syracuse University degree is beyond your financial reach – we believe affordability an important part of a quality college experience. You may be surprised how affordable Syracuse University can be when you study part time.

Syracuse University tuition is lower for part-time students, and there are a number of grants, scholarships and other forms of financial aid based on merit or need that can further reduce your education expenses. (Tuition is the same for graduate students when attending full, or part-time.)

Speak with one of the College of Professional Studies financial aid advisors first and explore all of your options for funding your education.

The Financial Aid office

The Financial Aid Office at the College of Professional Studies is your go-to resource for financial aid opportunities, including scholarships, grants, and incentives of which you might not be aware. You do not have to have a lot of money to earn a Syracuse University degree, but you do need to be savvy about your options and work closely with your financial aid advisor to fit your finances with your educational goals.

Tuition Costs

Financial Aid

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Additional Resources

HEOP Program

HEOP is a special admission program that provides financial aid for tuition, books, and parking. It also provides tutoring, academic support services, and access to a computer cluster and printer. Syracuse University’s Arthur O. Eve HEOP is the only Higher Education Opportunity Program for part-time students in New York State.

HEOP Program