Outside Agency Tuition Credits

Outside agency tuition credits are awarded to companies that have earned credits through an agreement or contract with Syracuse University. These credits are distributed to employees at the company’s discretion. If you are not an employee of Syracuse University and you have been approved to receive Syracuse University credit hours from an outside agency, such as your employer, you should select Outside Agency Tuition Credits as your Payment Award. If the credits have already been awarded to you, they will appear on the payment page as you register. Click apply to use the credits towards your tuition expenses. If the award is not yet indicated on the payment page, you may enter the number of credits and agency name in the space provided under this payment award, and then confirm your registration. You will be responsible for any tuition and fees not covered by the agency and will be billed for the outstanding amount. If a student has been selected for remitted tuition by their employer, they must mail, e-mail or fax the following information to the College of Professional Studies Bursar / Registration Office within seven (7) business days of registering:

  • Student Name
  • Student SU I.D.
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Telephone Number
  • Semester of Registration
  • Number of Credits

Mail information to:

College of Professional Studies Bursar / Registration Office, Room 103 700 University Avenue Syracuse, New York 13244-2530

E-mail scanned voucher to: bursareg@uc.syr.edu Fax: 315.443.3255


If the authorization voucher is not received in the Bursar’s office within seven (7) business days of the student’s registration, the student’s class schedule will be canceled. For extenuating circumstances that prohibit this deadline from being met, the student must speak with a College of Professional Studies Student Services Coordinator by the deadline date. If it is determined that the student is or has become ineligible for this benefit, the student will be responsible to pay all tuition charges and fees incurred for the term.