Sponsor / Employer Direct Bill

If your sponsoring agency or employer has a direct billing policy, choose Sponsoring Agency or Direct Bill as your payment option at the time of registration. You must submit the sponsor or employer’s authorization voucher by the appropriate deadline date.

Authorization Voucher Information

The authorization voucher must contain the following information on company letterhead:

  • Student Name
  • Student I.D.
  • Company Name
  • Company Billing Address
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Person Phone
  • Semester of Registration
  • Approved Dollar Amount or Number of Credits

Mail, e-mail, or fax the authorization voucher to the College of Professional Studies Bursar/Registration Office within seven (7) business days of the student’s registering.

Mail Information to:

College of Professional Studies
Bursar / Registration Office
Room 103
700 University Ave.
Syracuse, New York 13244-2530

Email scanned voucher to: bursareg@uc.syr.edu
Fax: 315.443.3255


If the authorization voucher is not received in the Bursar’s office within seven (7) business days of the student’s registration, the student’s class schedule will be canceled. For extenuating circumstances that prohibit this deadline from being met, the student must speak with a College of Professional Studies Student Services Coordinator by the deadline date. If it is determined that the student is or has become ineligible for this benefit, the student will be responsible to pay all tuition charges and fees incurred for the term.