Excel in eSports Game Development

The 18-credit eSports Gaming certificate will prepare you for a development career in eSports. You will be able to speak about the history, growth and business of eSports, but will focus primarily on the game development aspects of multiplayer eSports. This certificate is designed for anyone wanting to work in the game development side of the eSport industry. You will also learn about digital graphics, programming, multiplayer game design and project movement. 

The six online courses required for this certificate are offered in 8-week sessions with a required 90-minute weekly synchronous online component. The weekly synchronous meeting allows you to interact with faculty and fellow students in real-time.

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Learning Outcomes 

  • Demonstrate the ability to successfully function on multi-disciplinary team. 
  • Exhibit the ability to identify, formulate and solve problems.  
  • Explain and describe professional and ethical responsibility. 
  • Apply management principles to a game development project. 

Certificate Curriculum (18 credits)

  • SCP 220 Basic Principles of Computer Programming
  • SCP 225 Concepts in Digital Graphics
  • SCP 285 Object-Oriented Programming
  • SCP 295 eSports Fundamentals
  • SCP 405 Programming in C++ – Part I
  • SCP 435 Multiplayer Game Design Competition

Requirement for admission –  Prior higher education experience required.