Non-Need Based Assistance

Not all financial assistance is based on need. There are sources of support that can help you pay for college when you need it, without qualifying for need-based support.

Available Non-Need Based Assistance through the College of Professional Studies

Direct Unsubsidized Federal Student Loans

Available to all students regardless of family income. Student must pay interest on this loan during in-school and deferment periods.

Graduate PLUS Loans

Unsubsidized loans must be awarded in the maximum annual amount before Graduate PLUS loans can be processed. Graduate students may borrow under the Federal PLUS loan up to their full Cost of Attendance. A credit check is done for each application. Institutions may not initiate applications for students. Applications may be completed online at . Requests for increase require a new application.

Veteran’s Administration Educational Benefits

Students who are eligible for these benefits may apply to use them during the semester. Benefits approved for use during the current semester are not continued for the next semester unless the student so requests, and registration does not automatically activate your benefits.

Please visit the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs website for additional information.