About the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Ministry

Through a creative alliance between Syracuse University and Le Moyne College, the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Ministry offers a dynamic and distinctive setting to form leaders that are empowered to thrive within challenging times.

Those who participate in the Fellowship focus on various aspects of leadership development, with the goal of thriving vocationally and enhancing the vitality of the communities they serve.

Drawing deeply on the latest research in leadership, the primary goals of the program are as follows:

    • Provide knowledge and skills for increased impact in leadership, team-building and community-building
    • Nurture self-awareness and ongoing personal spiritual development
    • Increase effectiveness and a sense of accomplishment
    • Share educational and other relevant resources
    • Raise the level of vocational fulfillment.

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The Ideal Candidate for this Program

The ideal candidates for the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Ministry include faith-based leaders in central New York. Typically, participants will have more than three (3) years of experience.

This program is suitable for leaders of Christian churches (parishes, congregations) of any size – not only senior pastors (ministers) in large, flourishing, established churches but also pastoral leaders of small, newly established churches (congregations, parishes).

This is a selective program with a competitive application process. Those interested in participation will be required to submit an application and request a sponsoring statement from a supervisor, board member within the organization, or a community leader who is thoroughly familiar with you and can provide a detailed, firsthand appraisal.

Applicants should be prepared for, and comfortable with, engaging in an in-depth spiritual renewal and leadership discernment process in a supportive environment.

Program Costs

Thanks to generous funding from the Lilly Endowment and support provided by Syracuse University and Le Moyne College, this program is offered at no cost to participants. Tuition, accommodations and most meals will be covered  by the Thriving in Ministry Grant. Please note that travel to and from the residencies and program materials will be at the candidate’s expense.

Contact Information

For more information about the program, please contact the admissions committee at clflores@syr.edu.