Child Care Assistance

The College of Professional Studies Child Care Grant is a need based grant available to Undergraduate, part-time students enrolled through the College of Professional Studies who have submitted a complete application (student and provider forms) each term and otherwise meet the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible, the student must demonstrate financial need by filing a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion.

A complete application (student and provider forms) must be submitted for each term child care funds are requested. Completing an application is not a guarantee funds will be paid. Availability of funds and the number of students who apply may mean application denial if funds have been depleted. Applications received after the term start date are effective as of the date received in the College of Professional Studies Financial Aid office.

Grants amounts are calculated based on the number of hours a student is in class per week and the number of children in child care. Hours are calculated by verifying the student’s schedule and are monitored monthly.  If the student has a class that requires time spent out of the classroom (i.e. an internship), documentation verifying the requirement and how it is met must be provided to the College of Professional Studies Financial Aid Office in order for those hours to be included.

The current rates are as follows:
1 Child – $5/hour
2 Children – $8/hour
3 Children – $9/hour
4 Children – $10/hour

Payments are mailed to child care providers once a month. Grants are posted the last business day of each month. Payments are mailed to the childcare provider the first week of the month for the prior month’s hours of care. Checks are made payable to the child care provider and the student.

Please note: the child care provider cannot be a parent of the child.  Children over age 12 are not eligible for child care funding through the Child Care Grant Program.

Changing child care providers during the term is an administrative burden to the program. If assistance finding reliable child care is needed, students are encouraged to contact Child Care Solutions of Central New York, 6724 Thompson Rd., Syracuse, NY 13211, 315.446.1220,