KPH Healthcare Services Special Tuition Rate


Admitted and eligible KPH Healthcare Services employees will receive a discount worth 50% of the current part-time undergraduate tuition rate on any online undergraduate degree or certificate from the College of Professional Studies. Application approval is contingent.

Featured Programs:

Healthcare Administration, B.P.S.: The business of health care is shifting, and its current focus is on maintaining the value and the quality of care while reducing costs to stakeholders. This diverse course blending, balanced with health and management cores, will prepare you for career placement or advancement in the health care field.

Project Management, B.P.S.: In today’s competitive business environment, project management skills are essential for success. Whether you are a project manager, a team member, or a manager, having strong project management skills can help you to achieve your goals and to make a positive impact in your current role or future career.

Knowledge Management, B.P.S.: Technological advancements have changed the world, and the abundance of data generated throughout today’s organizations must be maintained, managed, and channeled into meaningful insights. Knowledge Management has become an essential skill in our data-driven society that allows organizations to focus on growth and innovation through sharing and applying of knowledge while remembering and documenting lessons learned, creating an organizational memory.

Applied Data and Predictive Analytics, B.P.S.: Tying together the fields of computer science, management and business intelligence, the applied data and predictive analytics degree program will prepare budding analysts to derive insights from complex data. 

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Contact our admissions team for any questions relating to this special tuition rate.