Angela Ward

Angela Ward is an accomplished Higher Education professional with a keen focus on enhancing student engagement and success. Angela has exemplified leadership, mentorship, and counseling roles for over two decades, contributing to the operational excellence of the College of Professional Studies at Syracuse University.
Angela plays a pivotal role guiding both new and returning students on their academic journey as an Admissions and Academic Advisor at the College of Professional Studies. Her responsibilities include academic advising, including for International Year One students, collaborating on recruitment and retention strategies, evaluating transfer credits, and leading the degree completion program for residential students. She has instructed courses such as FYS 101, PST/PAF 270, and Microsoft Office, and is a lead conversationalist for the English Language Institute.
Angela received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Economics with a concentration in Public Administration from Empire State College, and a Juris Master in American Legal Studies from Liberty University. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Law from Liberty University. Angela’s expertise lies in organizational leadership, strategic planning, budget management, and student services.